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Journalists on the three day Safety and security training for at Hotel Lavena

 Journalists on the three day Safety and security training for at Hotel LavenaAIIJ Training and Capacity buildingEvery day a journalist returns home is a relief to their loved ones, but thinking about the following day causes worry.Africa's race to 2040 - Vaccine manufacturing trainingFAKE NEWS TRAINING WITH BRITISH HIGH COMMISION
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About AIIJ

AIIJ is an organization fostering investigative journalism in Africa based in Uganda. We promote impactful media practices rooted in human rights and social justice to inform public discourse and create a supportive environment for passionate investigative journalists.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence for investigative journalism in defense of public interest.

Our Mission

Growing investigative journalism in Africa through an integrated program of training and capacity building, collaborative reporting, research, grant making and legal support.

Our Programs

We empower Africa's next-generation investigative journalists through skill development, collaboration, and resource provision.

Training & Capacity Buildingat AIIJ

Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Buildingat AIIJ
Collaborative reportingat AIIJ

Collaborative reporting

Collaborative reportingat AIIJ
Grant Makingat AIIJ

Grant Making

Grant Makingat AIIJ
Legal Supportat AIIJ

Legal Support

Legal Supportat AIIJ
Researchat AIIJ


Researchat AIIJ


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Real-life stories and experiences that inspire us to continue our mission of promoting social change through investigative journalism.

Ben Bella IllakutVetaran Investigative Journalistlikes Aiij
Ben Bella Illakut
Vetaran Investigative Journalist

The role of Investigative Journalism is to dig deeper into public records and investigate what is going on then inform the people.

Dr. Peter G. MwesigeExecutive Director, ACMElikes Aiij
Dr. Peter G. Mwesige
Executive Director, ACME

Investigative reporting does help us to hold those in power accountable. It helps us shape public policy. We need to invest more in Investigative Journalism.

David Kaplan Executive Director, GIJNlikes Aiij
David Kaplan
Executive Director, GIJN

Investigative Journalism has a strong emphasis on social justice and accountability.