About the AIIJ

The African Institute for Investigative Journalism is an organization fostering investigative journalism in Africa based in Uganda.

AIIJ team

We promote impactful media practices rooted in human rights and social and create a supportive environment for passionate investigative journalists.

Our Vision

To be a Center of excellence for investigative journalism in defense of public interest.

Our Mission

Growing investigative journalism in Africa through an integrated programme of training and capacity building, collaborative reporting, research, grant making and legal support.

Our Objectives

  1. 1

    Promoting access to resources and opportunities for investigative journalism.

  2. 2

    Strengthening the capacities and practice of investigative journalism.

  3. 3

    Shaping the practice of investigative journalism through collaborative and groundbreaking investigations in issues affecting society.

Meet the Team

We are exceptionally grateful to the smart and humble team pitching fresh and radical ideas to deepen investigative journalism in Uganda and the continent.

Dr William Tayeebwais a member of the AIIJ

Dr William Tayeebwa

Board Chairman
Solome Nakaweesiis a member of the AIIJ

Solome Nakaweesi

Board Vice Chairperson
Kenneth Sebabiis a member of the AIIJ

Kenneth Sebabi

Secretary to the Board
Fred Sibulois a member of the AIIJ

Fred Sibulo

Treasurer to the Board
Peter Okellois a member of the AIIJ

Peter Okello

Board Member
Solomon Serwanjjais a member of the AIIJ

Solomon Serwanjja

Executive Director
Raymond Mujuniis a member of the AIIJ

Raymond Mujuni

Deputy Executive Director
Rahim Nwaliis a member of the AIIJ

Rahim Nwali

Chief of Operations
Talent Akankundais a member of the AIIJ

Talent Akankunda

Finance and Admin Officer
Sandra Nansubugais a member of the AIIJ

Sandra Nansubuga

Procurement Manager
Barbara Kalumbais a member of the AIIJ

Barbara Kalumba

Programs Manager
Brian Okechais a member of the AIIJ

Brian Okecha

Head of Productions
Mercy Abirois a member of the AIIJ

Mercy Abiro

Programs Officer
Hakim Kanangais a member of the AIIJ

Hakim Kananga

Productions officer