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Are you passionate about investigative journalism and committed to promoting social change through your work?

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our mission and values to join our team and help us make a difference.

Impactful Work

Our programs focus on critical issues in Africa. You'll be part of a team dedicated to uncovering the truth and creating change through investigative reporting.

Professional Growth

Joining AIIJ means access to training, mentorship, and a supportive environment where you can continuously enhance your skills and expertise.

Making a Difference

You'll have the opportunity to be a part of projects that drive change and inform public discourse. Your investigative journalism will contribute to a more transparent and just society.

Open Positions

Service Providers

The African Institute for Investigative Journalism (AIIJ) is currently seeking to collaborate with professional service providers to support our growing needs in various areas. We are committed to working with the best service providers to ensure quality and efficiency in our operations.

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Finance Manager

The Finance Manager will responsible for providing high quality accounting and financial services to AIIJ and providing professional guidance and leadership to the finance team. The Manager is responsible for formulation and implementation of accounting policies relating to financial planning, grants management, sub granting and management accounting. S/He will be responsible for reviewing project financial transactions and reports to ensure accuracy; and that AIIJ’s accounting practices met the appropriate accounting standards and expectations of different donors.

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Fact-Checking Consultant

AIIJ is organizing a training program to equip journalists with fact-checking techniques and tools to combat the proliferation of deep fakes and false narratives. The rise of misinformation and disinformation threatens media freedom and the ability of journalists to report truthfully and verify content. The Fact-Checking Consultant role at AIIJ is crucial in addressing this challenge by educating journalists and media outlets on countering fake news and deep fakes, thereby promoting the integrity of journalism and ensuring the public receives accurate and reliable information.

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Curriculum Developer

The Curriculum Developer will be responsible for designing a curriculum that addresses the identification and prioritization of challenges encountered by journalists. The focus will be on developing strategies to protect and advance journalism, ensuring it remains a cornerstone of democratic societies in Uganda.

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Baseline Study Consultant

The Baseline study will be expected to focus on the identification and prioritization of problems/ challenges encountered by journalists in both physical and online spaces. By undertaking this baseline study, we seek to identify key areas requiring immediate attention, propose targeted interventions, and advocate for reforms that will contribute to the restoration of journalistic integrity and the revitalization of media freedom in Uganda.

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