Service Provider Needed

AIIJ team

Join Our Network of Dedicated Service Providers

We are continually looking to collaborate with skilled and reliable service providers in various fields. Our goal is to create a robust network that contributes to our operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Internet Services

Reliable, high-speed internet is crucial for our research and communication needs. Providers should offer consistent, high-bandwidth internet services, ensuring our team stays connected and productive.

Branding and Marketing

Creative and strategic marketing services are essential in amplifying our voice. We are looking for providers who can offer insightful branding strategies, digital marketing, and public relations services to enhance our visibility and impact.

Hotel and Catering Services

Partners required for providing comfortable accommodations and diverse catering options for our events and guests.

Photography & Videography

Need skilled photographers and videographers to capture and convey impactful narratives through visual media.

Office Supplies and Furniture Services

Seeking suppliers of high-quality, ergonomic office furniture and essential supplies to create a productive workspace.

Electronics and Maintenance

In search of experienced technicians for regular maintenance and repair of our electronic devices and equipment.

Prospective service providers are invited to sumbit their comprehensive proposals to with a subject heading Service Provider Proposal